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1.13 – EPM Sidecast – Burnout and dropout – with the No Lift Powerlifting Podcast

Dr Pete and Hugh were invited onto the No Lift Podcast, hosted by Arthur Lynch, to discuss burnout and drop out in athletes specifically powerlifting athletes. 

Arthur Lynch is a bit of an enigma. Having competed at multiple IPF World Championships representing Ireland, he knows a thing or two about strength. But he’s not just a very strong dude; he has a PhD in muscle physiology and BSc in Sport and Exercise science. Arthur coaches’ competitive lifters and those interested in just getting stronger as well as being a thoroughly inquisitive fellow.  Arthur is well respected in the field of strength and we thoroughly recommend you take a look at the No Lift Podcast.

1.12 – EPM Sidecast – Coaching Burnout – with Sigma Nutrition

Danny Lennon claims on his Instagram to be an expert at nothing and curious about a lot. We think only one of those things is true. Founder of Sigma Nutrition and head of content creation for the company, Danny hosts top-ranked podcast, Sigma Nutrition Radio, and is a respected educator in the field. Dr Pete and Hugh were invited onto the Sigma Nutrition Radio Podcast to discuss Dr Pete’s specialist research area, burnout and coaches.

Find more on Danny Lennon and check out the coaching and nutrition services services offered by him and his employees at Sigma Nutrition.

EPM Extras – Winning Mindset

Welcome to EPM Extras! In this mini-podcast episode, you can hear some of the extra bits from Episode 1.02, where Dr Pete and Hugh talked to Prof. Dave Collins, Director at Grey Matters Performance Ltd., about the controversial idea of a ‘Winning Mindset’ 

1.10 – What’s the deal with mindfulness?

In this, the final episode of Series 1, we talk to one of the world’s leading experts on Mindfulness, Joe Mannion, to find out just what all the fuss is about. What is mindfulness really, and perhaps more importantly, what is not mindfulness? What’s the theory, and is there actually any evidence to show that it’s helpful? Who shouldn’t do it? We answer all of these questions and more on Episode 10 of EightyPercentMental. 

1.09 – Is what you see really what you get?

In this episode, we learn how to practice bobsleigh in the bath! We discuss the idea of mental rehearsal and see what the benefits of using it might be. Along with special guest Eoghan McNeill, a PhD researcher from the University of Limerick in Ireland, we explore the differences between imagery, visualisation, and mental practice. We talk about how imagery is thought to work, and what the potential benefits might be, not only for performance, but in other areas of our lives too.

1.08 – EPM Sidecast – Where’s your head at? – with Rugby Coach Weekly

In our first ever EightyPercentMental Sidecast, Dr Pete and Hugh take over the Rugby Coach Weekly podcast. You don’t have to be into rugby to enjoy this one though! Hugh is asking the questions, while Pete, and guests, Ross Shand and Dr Andrew Wood discuss how they would solve real-life problems. The catch? They don’t know what the questions are going to be, and they each have to give a different answer, based on their knowledge, experience, and ability to make things up quickly.

How did we come up with this great idea? We didn’t. Dan Cottrell from Rugby Coach Weekly runs this same “Haunted House” process with coaches – a great way to challenge and develop practice – so we teamed up, and this EPM Sidecast is the result. Enjoy – and then go check out the RCW podcast!

  • Rugby Coach Weekly podcast on Twitter: @RugbyCoachWeek
  • Ross Shand on Twitter: @RossShand
  • Dr Andrew Wood on Twitter: @Woodington89
  • Dan Cottrell on Twitter: @Dan_Cottrell

1.07 How do we set goals that really stick?

Dr Pete and Hugh find out everything we need to know about setting goals by talking with performance psychologist for British Para-Swimming, Charlotte Hinchliffe, and chartered sport and exercise psychologist Hannah Brooks. In this episode, we discuss what setting goals actually does for us, talk about some of the reasons that we often find goals so hard to stick to, and think about how athletes and teams set goals that really work for them.

1.06 – Is confidence overrated?

Dr Pete and Hugh explore the importance of confidence. In this episode, we interview two athletes: Britain’s number 1 shot putter and World Championship finalist, Sophie Mckinna, and Rio 2016 Paralympic Silver medallist (Para Powerlifting) and Crohn’s disease warrior, Ali Jawad. We get some fascinating insights into what confidence means to them, how they build and maintain confidence when things don’t go according to plan, and the important role that psychologists and coaches can have in making or breaking confidence when it matters.

EPM Extras – Anxiety

Welcome to EPM Extras! In this mini-podcast episode, you can hear some of the extra bits from Episode 1.05, where Dr Pete and Hugh asked Dr Josie Perry and Jo Davies why we get nervous and what we should do about it. If you’ve listened to that episode already, you know what else you’re going to find here too!

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