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We’ve designed this page to help educators and students in psychology and sport science. Here you can find a quick link to a podcast episode, along with a brief description of the theme so that you can easily link it to your lesson plan.


Did you know that the Eighty Percent Mental Podcast is listed as an approved resource by the British Association of Sport & Exercise Science for their SEPAR accreditation route?

EPM Podcast Season 1

1.01 – What is sport Psychology anyway? (feat Dr Jonathan Fader). Exploring sport psychology from an applied perspective, understanding what it is and what it is not.

1.02 – Is there such a thing as a winning mindset? (feat. Prof Dave Collins). Exploring mindset and PCDES Psychological Characteristics in the role of developing athletes. Find bonus content from this episode here!

1.03 – Who is the mental GOAT? (feat. Dr Chelsi Day, Todd Cauthorn, and Dr Leah Washington). An entertaining debate about who, mentally speaking, is the Greatest Athlete of All Time 🐐

1.04 – Who is the mental GOAT? Part II (feat. Dr Chelsi Day, Todd Cauthorn, and Dr Leah Washington). The guests discuss the mental skills and qualities are needed for elite performance. What do you actually value in an athlete?

1.05 – Why do we get nervous and what do we do about it? (feat. Jo Davies and Dr Josephine Perry). We explore anxiety and different approaches to helping people manage it. Find extra bonus content from this episode, here!

1.06 – Is confidence overrated? (feat. Ali Jawad and Sophie McKinna). An exploration of self-efficacy and self-confidence from the perspective of two elite athletes performing on the international stage.

1.07 – How do we set goals that really stick? (feat. Charlotte Hinchcliffe and Hannah Brooks). How and when to set goals, why we set them, and the difference between goals and values.

1.08 – Where’s your head at? (feat. Ross Shand and Dr Andrew Wood). Applied psychologists in the hot seat answering applied problems!

1.09 – Is what you see really what you get? (feat. Dr Eoghan McNeill). Imagery, visualisation and mental practice. What does the research say and how do we do it?

1.10 – What’s the deal with Mindfulness? (feat. Dr Joe Mannion). What is mindfulness? How do we do it? Is it for everyone? All these questions and more answered right here in this episode.

1.11 – Holiday special. A short shoutout from Pete and Hugh to say thanks!

1.12 – Coaching burnout. Dr Pete and Hugh were interviewed by Danny Lennon of Sigma Nutrition about the theory and applied aspects of burnout in coaches.

1.13 – Athlete burnout and dropout. Dr Pete and Hugh were Interviewed by Dr Arthur Lynch of the Nolift Podcast about the theory and applied implications of athlete burnout

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EPM Podcast Season 2

Coming soon!

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