3.08 The Psychology of… Success

Success and winning are often thought of as synonymous, but if you’re not first, does that really make you last? We live in a society that is constantly trying to sell us a very specific version of what success should look like and in this fascinating episode of EightyPercentMental, Dr Pete Olusoga is joined by Olympic rower, author, and speaker, Cath Bishop, world-leading trampoline coach, Paul Greaves, and Sport & Exercise Scientist, Sidd Sampla, to explore what success really means and how we can start to think about success differently in a world where results really do matter. 

Cath Bishop is an Olympic rower, former British diplomat in the Foreign Office, now a leadership and culture coach working in organisations inside and outside sport, and author of ‘The Long Win: The Search for a Better Way to Succeed’,

Paul Greaves is a world leading Trampoline coach with a career spanning over 20 years. He has produced athletes to represent Great Britain on the world stage, including the current World and European Champion and Double Olympic Medallist Bryony Page.

Siddarth Sampla is a BASES Sport & Exercise Scientist specialising in Psychology. Currently working within motorsport at Izone Peformance (based at Silverstone) supporting drivers with the mental side of the sport

3.07 – The Psychology of… The Singer

What a special episode this is! Dr Pete Olusoga is joined for a fascinating conversation on the psychology of performance by the queen of British soul, Beverley Knight, MBE. An awarding winning recording artist and musical theatre actress, Beverley has been a mainstay of British and world music scene for over two decades and offers some intriguing insights into the world of performance. Also appearing in this episode, and bringing a psychological perspective is Dr Kaori Araki, chief Sport and performance psychology consultant at CORAZON Co., Ltd. Kaori is a retired professor and taught sport psychology in Singapore and Japan for 18 years, and worked alongside Eddie Jones during Japan’s infamous 2015 Rugby World Cup run. This one was such a pleasure to record and hopefully you’ll enjoy listening! 

3.06 – The Psychology of… Stage & Screen

The stars are out as Dr Pete Olusoga explores the psychology of stage and screen with the wonderful British actor (and Coronation Street veteran), Shobna Gulati. Joining them is Psychologist and Lecturer at Lancaster University, Dr David Tod, for a fascinating conversation about the psychology of acting.

What are the mental processes involved in preparing for and taking on an acting role? How can performers manage the intense scrutiny that goes with their jobs? Find out, in this brilliant episode of EightyPercentMental. 

3.05 – EPM Special: Live from AASP in Fort Worth, Texas

Eighty Percent Mental host, Dr Pete Olusoga, attended the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. As well as winning an award for Distinguished Public Communication, Outreach, and Awareness for producing this very podcast, Dr Pete spent time talking with conference attendees, including the one and only Professor Bob Weinberg (of Weinberg & Gould fame!), about the latest research, techniques, and approaches in the world of sport and performance psychology. Also featuring in this episode: Duncan Simpson, Director of Personal Development at IMG Academy, Dr Amber Shipherd from Texas A&M University Kingsville, Dr Adam Naylor, Leader of Performance Psychology at Deloitte, and a bunch of other amazing people! 

3.04 – The Psychology of… Speed 

Continuing the mission to explore the psychological aspects of performance, Eighty Percent Mental host Dr Pete Olusogaexplores ‘The psychology of… Speed’ with two-time World Superbikes Champion, James Toseland. Also featuring Sport Psychologist, Shameema Yousuf, this episode explores the motivation, the risk, the psychological skills involved in going really, really fast! 

3.03 – The Psychology of… Dance 

In this episode of EightyPercentMental, Dr Pete Olusoga gets to grips with ‘The Psychology of… Dance’ with Kit Holder, First Soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet and Dr Sanna Nordin-Bates, Associate professor in sport psychology, at the Swedish School of Sport & Health Sciences in Stockholm. What are the mental challenges involved in such a creative art form? Find out in this inspiring episode of EightyPercentMental. 

Kit Holder has been a professional ballet dancer for over 20 years, touring throughout the UK and internationally. He has also choreographed professionally and holds a Master’s Degree in Choreography. In additional to his work in dance he is now in the final year of an undergraduate degree in Psychology. 

Dr Sanna Nordin-Bates is a Chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society, teaches performance psychology to athletes and coaches, dancers and teachers, and is a world-leading authority on the psychology of dance 

3.02 – The Psychology of… The Coach

This episode is pure gold. With the help of two special guests, Coach Marc Steutel and Dr Kristen Dieffenbach, Dr Pete Olusoga investigates ‘The Psychology of… The Coach’. How do coaches incorporate sport and performance psychology into their coaching? How can coaches be vulnerable and authentic in their practice? How can psychologists and coaches work most effectively together? All of this and more is discussed in what turned out to be an incredible conversation.  

Coach Marc Steutel is the Lead Assistant Coach for the Great Britain Senior Men’s National Team and Head Coach of the Newcastle Eagles, one of the most successful franchises in the history of British Basketball. Dr Kristen Dieffenbachknows more about the psychology of coaching than just about anyone on the planet. She is the president of the United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE) and serves on the research committee for the International Council on Coaching Excellence (ICCE). Dieffenbach’s areas of teaching, research and consultancy expertise include coaching education, professional issues in coaching, ethics in coaching, and performance enhancement 

3.01 – The Psychology of… Endurance

Welcome back to Series 3 of Eighty Percent Mental. In this series (or season if you’re American), Dr Pete Olusoga is going to explore some different areas of performance – and not necessarily just sport performance. In this first episode, Dr Pete talks to endurance athlete, Greg Hewitt, and Sport Psychologist, Dr Amy Whitehead, about The Psychology of Endurance. Why do people put themselves through the pain of ultra-marathons, adventure races, and ironman triathlons? What are the psychological skills, strategies, and attributes that help get athletes through a race that lasts a full week or more? Find out in this episode of The Eighty Percent Mental Podcast.

BLOGPOST – Thinking small about stress and burnout

We’re constantly told to think big.

We’re told we need to dare to dream big, shoot for the moon, all that cheesy, Hallmark, straight to DVD, Channel-5 afternoon matinee stuff. It’s a message we’ve been given since we were all kids.  

The problem is, we’re actually crap at thinking big. We’re really bad at thinking in big terms. We’re shit at big numbers and we’re awful at comprehending the scale of big things, We are bad at big ideas. 

2.15 – Super Special Bonus Winter Olympic Review!

In this Super Special Winter Olympic Review, Dr Pete Olusoga is joined by Dr Chelsi Day, Sport Psychologist at ‘The’ Ohio State University, and Dr Leah Washington, resident Olympic Superfan and professor of sports medicine and sport psychology to talk about the ups, downs, ins, outs, and triple Salchows of the Beijing 2022 Winer Olympics. From drug scandals to ‘minor’ broken necks, and managing the post-Olympic comedown, this episode has a little bit of everything. Make sure you stay tuned to the end to find out how Leah is going to save the Olympics!  

Oh, and dog sledding was a demonstration event in the 1932 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. So now you know. 

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