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Mental Mind Psych Guru Experts – What do they do then?

Ok, so this is an easy one. A while ago, the news at large announced that Roy Hodgson, (at the time, manager of the England football) team was considering using a Sport Psychologist ahead of the World Cup to boost England’s chances of not bowing out of yet another tournament on penalties. 

As a Newcastle supporter, I'm a big fan of Chris Waddle, but that 'pelanty' just reached the edge of our solar system.

As a Newcastle supporter, I’m a big fan of Chris Waddle, but that ‘pelanty’ just reached the edge of our solar system.

If you’re not familiar with England’s penalty woes (Or ‘pelanty’ woes if you’re Chris Waddle) they’ve lost penalty shootouts at World Cup 1990, Euro ’96, World Cup ’98, Euro ’04, World Cup ’06, and Euro 2012.  It has to be said, that’s a pretty spectacular record.

So yeah, get a psychologist in to help England with their penalty problems. Seems reasonable… well, sort of. There are a couple of things here that don’t quite sit well, but I haven’t really thought this through and I can’t figure out which is most important so I’m just going to do this in a random order, mkay?

GB Basketball: The Mental Challenge


As a basketball fan, I can honestly say that I’ve really enjoyed watching Great Britain compete at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Having both men’s and women’s teams there amongst the world’s best players has been good for British Basketball, and their performances have certainly been credible.

The GB Men’s team (ranked 43 in the world) pushed Spain (2) all the way to the final seconds, while the women’s team (ranked 49) have been punching above their weight, challenging Russia (3), France (8), and Canada (11) in close games. There has been some entertaining play, and the effort and intensity that both squads have brought to every game should be recognised and applauded.  

Have they done well? …Yes.

Could they have done better? …Absolutely. 

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