1.08 – EPM Sidecast – Where’s your head at? – with Rugby Coach Weekly

In our first ever EightyPercentMental Sidecast, Dr Pete and Hugh take over the Rugby Coach Weekly podcast. You don’t have to be into rugby to enjoy this one though! Hugh is asking the questions, while Pete, and guests, Ross Shand and Dr Andrew Wood discuss how they would solve real-life problems. The catch? They don’t know what the questions are going to be, and they each have to give a different answer, based on their knowledge, experience, and ability to make things up quickly.

How did we come up with this great idea? We didn’t. Dan Cottrell from Rugby Coach Weekly runs this same “Haunted House” process with coaches – a great way to challenge and develop practice – so we teamed up, and this EPM Sidecast is the result. Enjoy – and then go check out the RCW podcast!

  • Rugby Coach Weekly podcast on Twitter: @RugbyCoachWeek
  • Ross Shand on Twitter: @RossShand
  • Dr Andrew Wood on Twitter: @Woodington89
  • Dan Cottrell on Twitter: @Dan_Cottrell

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