2.06 – A&Q with Pete and Hugh… and Elliott too!

This one is long! Just to mix things up a little, we decided to get you, dearest listeners, to come up with the questions for Dr Pete and Hugh to answer. “Ask us anything,” we said… and you did. From tips on imposter syndrome to getting in ‘The Zone’ to the greatest crisps of all time, Pete, Hugh, and special guest Elliott Newell talk for what turned out to be bloody ages, answering your questions. It’s good though. You’ll like this one!

Elliott Newell is a Senior Performance Pathways Scientist at the English Institute of Sport, and a BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist specialising in Psychological Support. He’s particularly interested in performance communities, talent development practice, and philosophy of sport, and his favourite sweets are not what you’d expect!

  3 comments for “2.06 – A&Q with Pete and Hugh… and Elliott too!

  1. June 15, 2021 at 12:40 am

    Do we need to cope with distress or is it more accurate to say (as was also noted) discomfort and unease. Distress generally means extreme anxiety, sorrow or pain and I wonder if we would do more harm to encourage athletes to tolerate distress, rather have some unease/difficulty as they face challenge. High challenge and high support we would hope wouldn’t mean so that the athletes cope with distress. Would we not experience distress when there is an imbalance in support and skills where the challenge and difficulty is great?

  2. June 15, 2021 at 8:56 am

    Favourite biscuit and chocolates….National war on!!

    South Africa Tex bar or Inside story or Milo Bar or Peppermint crisp beats all the ones mentioned in the podcast

    As for biscuits same war : Royal Creams, tennis biscuits, chockits

    Welcome over tea and biscuits any day guys!!

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